Chasing Blues: Cafe 21


I've been finding lately that when my first impressions of a restaurant aren't quite so impressive, for some reason the second time around is quite the charm.

Friends and I gathered to Cafe 21, a few weeks prior, for Sunday pre-rager noms and while I loved the atmosphere, the house Sangria and the amazingly friendly staff, the food I had just felt like sustenance.

You know when food is just food for energy, but it doesn't quite hug your soul or make you experience something momentarily magical or memorable?

Fortunately, on another Sunday, when the clouds were out and the pitter patter of rain drops started matching the steps of my feet, I was right by Cafe 21, and a glass of Sangria sounded quite nice.

They had a special menu with a new item on it, ground lamb and turkey wrapped in Chard.  There's this host there who's always so charming, funny and friendly.  When I told him I couldn't have dairy, he suggested their house pesto and salsa to pair the dish with.

It was a beautiful meal.

I love when the food stars align.  The playlist, the food, the staff, the seat and the whole experience, was just what I needed as a "pick me up" on that sub-par gloomy day.

with noms,

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