Dear Anonymous


I received the above criticism on my blog yesterday and wanted to take some time to write an open letter back, since the user didn't leave an email address or method of contact.  That's the thing with the internet, whether via a blog, email, comment or other social outlets, it's easy to voice out a thought, without really engaging in conversation.  The writer took the time to compose cohesive criticisms and pose valid questions, which despite it's context, I do appreciate and want to address the best I can.

About my blog and my approach to what I write about or showcase.  I try to keep the blog lighthearted and geared towards sharing first hand experiences, from the photos I take, to the places I go and more.   If you look through the entire body of content, rarely do I put specific businesses on "blast", that's what Yelp is for, and even my Yelps have more positive reviews than bad. 

If anything, I prefer sharing about amazing restaurants, businesses and individuals, who do it right.

While true, my opinion may pale in comparison to many other big fish, you're mistaken in thinking that the intent of this space is to garner some sort of success or stardom out of it.  It's my hobby and yes.. I can also make a dish and a cocktail.  (btw slightly callow assumption and dig, don't you think?)
With that said, I have a hunch that this comment on my blog was in response to a recent unfavored Yelp review I wrote, due to the odd timing and other messages I've been receiving. 

I take what I write seriously, and in this case, visited the nearby business quite a few times before forming an "opinion." 

But, because they left it anonymous.. i'll leave the detail of the business out. 

Enough with the bad, I promise there's lots of good posts of some amazing San Diego places on the way. 
^_^ Chow!

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