Growing Up


When I was a kid (teen years included because hey to anyone under 40, we're all kids..) I had this definition in my head as to what growing up meant.  Portions of it included independence, formulated self worth through success, not being broke, and hopefully at some point an "AH HAH" moment where everything makes sense, and I'd know exactly what I was supposed to do.

I turned 32 this year and to my younger family members, I'm one of the adults now, and to my aunts, uncles and parents, I'm still a kid.  To me? I think I'll always be a kid figuring things and being playful, while other times dealing with life, in the most adult way I can. 

My mom always told me that my perspective on birthdays and aging would change each year, and I have to say when you're 25, partying throughout the month and supposedly "living big".. it's hard to believe you'd ever want it any other way.

Maybe it's because I was on a 7 month, living out of my suitcase, travel mode, or maybe it's because I'm recovering from a few impediments so that I can compete in a weightlifting competition in June, or maybe it's the zen yoga side of me that came out.. but this year I wanted my birthday to be less about myself and more about my surroundings and the people. 

I got a couple friends and the mr, we didn't party the night before, woke up early to join Hale Holistic for a 2 hour charity yoga session (amazing cause for HOPE benefiting the treatment/research of HIV, Cancer & Diabetes), had a healthy brunch, and spent the day in the sun. 

This weekend was a lot about family visiting, eating together, playing video games, being out in the sun and just enjoying company at a slow pace.

I also got some amazing presents :D My friends pitched in to print a 3x2 copy of my Addy award winning digi painting, onto brushed stainless steel.  It was hard to capture the texture, but the highlights are incredible. Flowers, pretty necklaces and a very appropriate card to also brighten up the house and make me smile. 

My mom gave me the most adorable mini Orchid plant, that I'm going to try my best to keep alive and grow through the years.

On the otherside, for mother's day, some family birthdays and more, everyone got fitness gear.  Yoga cloths, mats and etc.  Because the theme this year is spreading being active, which is funny because my mom also got me new pants to run/squat in :D

I'm off to Google IO, and I can't believe the year is almost 1/2 way done.  It was an awesome and thank you to everyone for the amazing wishes, whether you reached me through Facebook, twitter, phone, email, in person, and pix from SF up next :D

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