Operation Ramen Burger


Like an unyielding storybook love, when I first read about this unicorn of a food dish, my mind spent many a nights thinking about the dear ramen burger and hopelessly whining about why all the nommy things only happen in New York.  Sidenote I think Chicago's food scene gives NYC a run for their lunch money.

Fortunately a food lover's heart is also an ambitious one!

I called Chef Logan, from supper club Cellar Door, and we arranged to have a cook night with friends, where we'd make this ramen burger happen!

She opened up her home and kitchen, and that night we grilled up lamb, pork, beef and chicken patties and sampled with varying types of ramen.  I think the only thing better than Ramen in place of a bun, is Ramen cooked in duck fat and I have to say, we also made some magical meat.

We set up the table buffet style and toppings included caramelized onions (amazing!), Quail eggs (OG Ramen Burger had nothing on this :P), dried baby shrimp, shredded pork, home made jam, Ricotta cheese, Oyster sauce, of course Siracha, peppers, pickled ginger, green onion and parsley.

Biggest takeaways from Ramen Burger v1.0
- Thicker firmer noodles work better
- it's best to let them chill longer with a lot of pressure to form them
- just because it's a burger, don't just settle for ground beef.  The lamb was my favorite.
- everything is more magical with a fried egg and siracha :D

It's been a while.. but it's nice to be back here sharing noms.

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