Postcards from Alaska


I spent a good half hour staring at these photos, trying to formulate a string of words that would accurately encompass how charming and magical this place is.

The people, the food, the endless mountain ranges, water views, crisp air, lush greenery and the incredible contrast between the remnants of an icy winter and a vibrant summer just beginning, are just some of the wonderful things experienced thus far.

Highlights: seeing a momma bear/baby play, friendly caribou, giant glaciers, vivid landscapes, company, conversations and cooking, a 15lb halibut, reindeer sausage, wooly mammoth ivory, 20hrs of daylight, waking up to smiles and the water. 

Needless to say, the seafood is amazing and I'm oh so smitten with their boardwalk of beachside shops.  Tomorrow, we're spending the day exploring and enjoying some of local draft tasting.

More to come. Till then, cheers
>.< Chow

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