Photo Diary: Above & Beyond Acoustic, a Night at the Greek Theatre


The time: a crisp weekend evening, The place: under the stars at the Greek Theatre, The Event: A first ever live acoustic performance and meet and greet with Above & Beyond. 

Prior to this evening, I only knew of Above and Beyond through various popular electronic tracks and by hearing them perform with other artists at previous events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

When my brother called a months prior, to ask if I was free in October, I had no idea what was planned.

Without any prior expectations or intentions, that fall evening would be one of the most extraordinarily magnificent ones ever experienced.

We arrived early to pick up our badges and then were escorted through the stage prep and rehearsal areas, to the dressing room where we got to take photos and meet with the Jono, Tony and Paavo of Above & Beyond.  In addition to meeting the artists, it was also wonderful meeting new friends, who also came from all over to see the show.

From the moment Above & Beyond stepped on stage, the entire amphitheater was whisked away on an orchestral journey, serenaded by hauntingly beautiful and enchanting vocals, and immersed into this inspiring and heartwarming show for the rest of the evening.

A big surprise was when Skrillex joined the band on stage for a guitar jam session.  A great moment that sent the much older gentleman in front of me into a dancing frenzy.  He was the only person spinning and snapping, but for that moment I know no one else felt the music the way he did.

The final performance, left not a dry eye in that house, Tony McGuinness took the stage for an acoustic solo.  During his song, I could see people in the crowd grasping each other's hand, exchanging kisses and signs of affection, smiling at one another, strangers holding hands and waving them and just an immense sense of love.

At the end, he shed a tear and took a bow.

The ultimate display of everything music is about.  

I usually record clips to share, and there are many on youtube, but I didn't this time because a phone/camera recording could not do the music justice.  The acoustic album will be released soon, and I promise you it is beautiful.

The encore song was their famous "Sun and Moon" which was appropriate because by the end of the evening, we all felt like that's where we had all come back from.

Thank you A&B for a marvelous evening and a special thank you to my baby bro for making it happen!

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