Lazy Sundays at Searsucker


I think the love that the general working population gives to Fridays are overrated.

Granted though, that I have a huge peeve against people who wish their entire weeks away, just to enjoy two (one for those that complain on Sunday that it's almost Monday), then later lament upon how life is so short.

Sundays are easily my favorite day of the week.  They're never the same, but always feel like a sweet vacation and do often involve some sort of food ceremony.

A few weeks ago, the Gaslamp area in downtown San Diego was transformed into a 5th ave car show. After walking around, we stopped by Searsucker, and there's just something about this place that makes for a perfect afternoon hangout.

My favorite place to sit, which luckily seems to always be free, is right in the middle of the restaurant on these giant comfy couches.  Some say it's awkward eating on a couch over a coffee table, I say it's cozy and comfortable.  It makes the dining experience less formal and I think it encourages better conversation and observation.

What we ordered: Quite possibly the best mojito I've ever had, duck fat fries, a BLT with a fried egg, eggs benedict, the Cowboy (steak/eggs potato) and my oh my the cinnamon bun.

The steak and eggs is a bit deceiving, it sounds like a hefty portion, but it's quite small, tasty but definitely not enough to share, or even allow a friend to taste off of.  So order 3, or just get the CINNAMON BUN!

The cinnamon bun, was not only massive, it was good.. so good that even now, a few weeks later I'm having salivating flashbacks of it.  I'm not even a cinnamon bun fan, but this one was fluffy, rich, flavorful and just delectable.

You'll have to pardon my lack of photo evidence, I'm usually on it, but this time, I kind of just stepped away from the picture taking and enjoyed the brunch, conversation and atmosphere.

You know you're in a good place when you can just lay your head back, stare at the ceiling and enjoy what the DJ is playing.

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