Drink Me Pretty, Brooklyn Girl


It really is true what they say, often times, happiness comes down to the simple things.  Especially with eating. 

Yes, one can hardly deny that a bottle of Amarone, flavors of truffle or a filet of Chilean Seabass isn't delectable and divine, but sometimes all it takes is just a simple thing to make you love the eating experience.

Like popcorn. :D 

A good friend took me to Brooklyn Girl, in Mission Hills, a little while back and everything, as expected, was amazing.  The decor was charming, artsy and rustic, the wine was delicious, the meat perfectly cooked, the vegetables ever so flavorful and rich with savory flavors and the dessert..fantastic.  I'm not a cake person, and rarely do I dwell on the sweets but when it's good it's OH so good.

The menu changes ever so often, so expect seasonal goodness and a variety of animals, flavors and options to eat.  I didn't get a chance to try the pizza, but that's on my radar for next time. 

Despite all of the noms that we had that night, what really won me over was the herb flavored popcorn. The usual suspects at restaurants normally include bread and butter, when they get creative, perhaps an aioli and an arrangement of carb choices.

Brooklyn Girl, serves up a bucket of popcorn, that like their menu, is flavored differently each time.  It made for great conversation, a wonderful starter and just a touch of whimsy to our table.

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