A Midwinter's Summer Day - Halcyon East Village


My favorite moments are those, when you sit down with friends, without care of what time it is and you can just get lost in never ending segues of conversations.  Add in a great atmosphere, a colorful array of eats and some cold brew, and it's beyond a good time.  

With grab and go type delis and coffee shops opening on every corner, I love that there's something about Halcyon's open atmosphere, that makes you want just sit and stay a while.  

Surrounding our little area were people working, writing, socializing and some just having a moment with their waffle.  

Two of my friends were visiting from Canada, and I was planning on stopping here to get some design work in, so invited them to come and meet me for lunch.  

A few hours, many good bites, and two coffees later, we learned new things, past and present, about one another, and then took a stroll through downtown to take in the scenes.  

The food, oh the food
- get the waffle! get extra fruit, and hell get another waffle. 
- The cold brew with a smidge of hazlenut :D 
- The east village sandwich
- The avocado toast

Everyone at Halcyon is super nice, gives high fives and are super cool.  

With friends in town, we've been food hopping, so I have pictures and other places to post coming soon.  (some that i've been going to for ages, and always forgot the camera.. :P ) 

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