Sunday, Bloody Sunday!


"I do like green eggs and ham. I do like them, Chow-I-Am!

There are very few places where you can satisfy storybook cravings and the adult "inner fat kid" joys. 

Under normal season circumstances, I would mention football being part of the Sunday allure, but sometimes an epic Bloody Mary, a gooey cinnamon bun and pork belly, over fluffy toast with eggs and green goo, are just as special. If not.. more special.

 During the visit of two special Canadians, I felt like I was on a constant "last meal on earth" binge and it was incredible.

I know, Searsucker is a popular place, but on Sundays, this place is THE place.  Don't get a table, find a spot next to the music (sometimes live singer, sometimes DJ), or on the couches.  Order a Bloody Mary (spicy, and best I've ever had), and make sure you're there early enough to get a cinnamon bun, and the rest is just gravy.

 Some Sundays I'm engulfed in conversational whirlwind of hilarity and nostalgia, other days.... I lay back sing to the tunes and smile welcoming Monday, while stuffing my face with a cinnamon bun of course.

"Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.” (did I mention, Bloody Mary and cinnamon bun).

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