Sex, Drugs and Lobster Rolls: Ironside Oyster Little Italy


Sometimes you're all about that life, and by that life, I'm talking about the feel like a rock star food one!

While that doesn't include having stacks of cash to make it rain or leather pants, it could include 3 dozen Oysters, octopus so tender that you want to cuddle with it, and one of the best Manhattans in San Diego.

Monday to Friday 3-6pm, Ironside really is the best side, with their $1 oysters (that don't suck and are really fresh).

The people are incredibly cool, they're open to answer any questions about the food, where it's sourced from, how it's prepared and if you sit at the bar you can have conversations about bourbons and scotch with the magic drink makers!

The eclectic nautical decor really makes this place unlike anywhere else in SD. I've been meaning to post about this place since it opened, but every time we go, I always forget the camera, or eat every thing before we have a chance to snap a photo.

The best part is in the hall of bathrooms, a glowing reminder above that "Shit Happens." So when it does.. grab some friends, have some oysters and have a drink!

Cheers Ironside, thanks for the frequent good times and good oysters!

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