Pokirrito! Sushi Buurrrrrrito Time is a Go!


I love Poke and I love sushi, so when we drove by and realized it was the grand opening of Pokirrito, all other eating plans came to a halt and we hopped in line.

Pokiritto is a new, Subway/Chipotle style restaurant that serves up variations of raw/cooked "burritos", which can be thought of as extra long, uncut sushi rolls, bowls and Yakitori.  I wanted to visit a few times prior to posting this blog, and I can now say with certainty, this place is legitimately good.

The menu style has changed a bit, a few things were added and I have yet to try the Yakitori, but that's mostly because I love the Pokirrito classic burrito and the kale bowl so much, that it's hard to noms all the things.  Next time though.. next time :P

The seafood is fresh, and like Chipotle you can ask for a little more of this, less of that and to some degree, customize your order.

The Pokirrito classic burrito has tuna, crab, tamago, various veggies and my absolute favorite LOTUS ROOT CRISPS! The sad thing though is that they only put the lotus crisps on the burrito, and you can't pay extra to add them to the bowls.

For the kale bowl (only avail in large) you get 4 scoops of your choice of seafood,  I always get 2 servings of salmon, 1 of tuna and 1 of scallops with a bit of spicy dressing.  I'll ask for extra onions, and cucumber and the cherries on top are definitely the addition of seaweed salad, crab and fish eggs! If you're reading Pokirrito, please please please let me pay extra for lotus crisps to be added to the bowls.

With each order, you do receive a small bag of ruffles style chips.
Their sweet teas are also really good and for the slurpee lovers, they have frozen beer.

As it's in the epicenter of Convoy mayhem, there are often lines, and being that it's next to Rakitori and Tasty Noodle, the whole plaza looks like endless hordes of hungry people waiting around for food.  The Pokirrito line definitely moves the fastest of the three though and if you go on Mon-Thurs, either before 630pm, or after 830pm it's not so bad :)

Good luck, let me know what you guys have tried and may the parking odds ever be in your favor.

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