Pardon My French: Hillcrest (+Video)


"When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life." ~Monica Bellucci

Just last week, I was invited for a summer menu kick off tasting and tour at Pardon My French in Hillcrest.  It opened up in the Spring and if it looks familiar, it's because they took over the space that used to be Heat.

I cannot begin to express what a beautiful Sunday this was.  The perfect summer like weather, relaxing music, conversations and company and the array of delicious eats and wine pairings, were the makings for a sensational evening.

Prior to dinner, I was led through a tour of the restaurant, where I got to learn about some of the art pieces on display, explore through the kitchen, meet the wonderful chefs/staff and taste a scotch that changed my life :D

For dinner, there were 7 courses, with every flavor to tickle and entice each corner of the palate, and wines to accompany.

In order:
1.  Cucumber Granita. Lime and mint foam.
2.  Heirloom tomato salad with balsamic caviar. ( I want an ice cream pint filled with that caviar :p )
3.  Citrus cured salmon. (LOVE)
4.  Pan roasted cod (also LOVE, the foam, lightness of the fish, every thing was perfect)
5.  Grilled pork belly
6. Aged ribeye (This was so perfect, the smoke potato puree and carrots were divine!)
7. Chocolate Cremeaux (with honeycomb!!!)

What I love about Pardon My French, is the passion and care surrounding the ingredients and food experience, without the pretension that usually gets associated with fine dining. The restaurant name is also perfectly fitting for their San Diego cool attitude.  The owners, Eric and Lindsey are so nice and really vibe off of sharing their experiences and love of food with people.

Also, on various nights of the week, they have live music.  (Mandi if you're reading this, you're amazing and we loved sitting by you!) 

Great food, cool company, lots of laughs, sharing stories and making new friends. While the ingredients and places may change, it's really these things it comes down to, that makes me tingly with joy and what every blog post has been about, since the beginning.

Something new for the blog, YouTube!  Huzzah! :D Here are some vignettes from that evening.

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