Omg this place!! There's donuts and then there are DONUTS! There was so much hype and anticipation surrounding Nomad opening up in North Park and opening day did not disappoint.

I was invited to come by to try an array of tastes and I went to the gym that evening, carb loaded happy with a few favorites.

1 - The Scotch egg in a donut.  I never knew what was missing out of my life, was an egg covered in sausage, inside of a donut.

2 - Ube croissant donut.  So simple, so soft and so many layers of just sweet delicate flavor.  The matcha one had a stronger flavor then the Ube one.  I think I could have done w/ out the sugar on the outside, but I'm also a weirdo, because I dislike frosting (on anything).

3 - The every thing bagel and their spreads.

I've heard the sandwiches are quite amazeballs, so I can't wait to go back and try those.

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