Sh!t or get off the pot?


Huzzah, this is my first blog post directly from blogger, which will get pasted to my other sites, but I spent a bulk of the weekend working on this particular site and am more than pleased at how it turned out. I was also out of town in L.A this past weekend.  On Saturday had a meeting with the lead singer of the band I manage, and watched UFC while bbq'ing at a friend's house.  On Sunday, went out w/ D. and his mom to get a massage and had lunch before heading back to SD to get more work done.  

A grand gripe of mine is the type of people many of us have become.  The ones that constantly seek approval find motivation in quotes and cheesy captioned posters, and the ones that are either always too late, or always jump the gun at opportunities.  In the many individuals I encounter on a daily basis, I always find a common theme, an incessant need to complain. Although some may say that it is engrained in the human condition to get too comfortable and settle, there are so many scenarios of daily life that leave me thinking wtf? 


Scenerio One - People who only live 1/3 of their lives.

You would never imagine throughout the week, how many times I hear various individuals counting down each day towards the weekend.  The conversation always begins with a sigh and "oh man I can't believe it's Monday" to "wow just more days till the weekend." The ringing question I have is, what do these individuals do on the weekend that makes their weekdays so unbearable?  The truth is most end up at Costco, cleaning or arguing with their mate (completely different scenario, see below).  Why waste 5 days living for two? Well technically one, because Sunday is spent complaining about how the following day is Monday.   We always hear about how life is so short, yet live it one weekend at a time.  Whether it's Monday, Thursday or Saturday.. everyday is equally important to me and holds equal chances for epic things to happen.  Here's my googled contribution to the inspiring quote bank 

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." ~Andy Warhol

Scenerio 2 - "Stuck" in the mud

It's no lie, from the day you're old enough to process thought, language and realize you have to ask permission for everything, the reality of life kicks in that living isn't always pleasant or fair.  One of the things I can appreciate most and love hearing about is the struggle and perseverance, because truthfully anything worth having is worth sacrifice and bleeding for.  This doesn't mean that there aren't great circumstances that just happen, but it does mean that when you're caught in an undesirable situation, there has to be a conscious thought of " if this is the right place to be" and if not, to have the fight to make a change.  This applies to everything from relationships, to work, to just living. People often mistake this thought of mine as a "quit and run" tactic, but that isn’t the case at all.  What it all comes down to is knowing what your threshold is, and the value of yourself and your time.   Is what you're getting out of your situation worth what you're putting in?  Whether it's a bad job, an abusive relationship, or qualms with self image, don’t let yourself become another statistic and tailor your life to how you want live, not to how your circumstances have placed you.   

Scenerio 3 - Fear

This is the box that I sometimes find myself checking.  I have this immense expectation and ambition that I refuse to allow myself room for failure.  It's because of this that sometimes I'll sit on an opportunity or a decision till the eleventh hour before jumping.  The fear of failure can hover over you like a polluted cloud on a clear sunny day. You may be under the clearest sky and brightest sun, but be blinded by your fear to believe that it's truly glum and chances are sparse.  My saving grace and curse at the same time is that I'm quote gutsy.  When the time comes, though it may be the final second in the final minute of the eleventh hour, I'll jump.  I think the scenario in which this applies most to me is when it comes to matters of the heart.  My professional ambitions and shark like persona have me aiming and striving for the world, but I've never allowed myself  to be concerned with, what classifies to me as trivial, matters such as romance.    

With any aspect in life, the hardest decision is truly knowing when to "hold em" and when to "fold em."  I think with age, experience, and many failures I've learned to make better decisions and really be comfortable with being who I am.  It saddens me when I see amazing individuals that inspire me but fail to inspire themselves, and just end up settling in their lives.

People should know its OK, or better, if you don't fit into the program. I've always been a little outside the playground, cliques and box!  

I'd like to believe I'm always a shark, sometimes I may be full and may be coasting the waters but eventually the scent of blood always has me coming back.  

What's your blood? What drives you?  Why do you wake up? What is it about your life that makes it worth living? There has to be something.  I've found I purely just enjoy living.  


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