If you are what you eat, are you what you wear?

I was scanning through my old blogs and found this one from a year ago and though I'd re-post for giggles.  I still feel the same way, quality quality quality!

The Lanvin OuLaLa Satin Clutch.

So beautifully crafted with intricate detail and design. Perfection.

Goyard's St. Honore clutch, fashioned after the trunks.

One of the pieces from Galliano's newspaper print collection.

To be fair I won't just implicate women in this field because men are victims to this particular topic as well. This is a topic that I always rant and go back and forth on w/ my gal pals, gay pals and avid fellow fashion lovers. It's people that project this specific view on fashion that make me scathe certain labels that actually do have beautiful designs. What is it that I'm ranting about? People that purchase clothing, accessories, and etc simply for the reason of projecting a BRAND, not the style, but just a giant label. Examples of this are people that wear t-shirts with a GIANT Versace across the chest, The Louis Vuitton Monogram print on EVERYTHING, head to toe Gucci monogram, Juicy on everything, or the biggest "Return to Tiffany" heart charm you could find, because the standard size wasn't gaudy enough. Don't get me wrong, I love gaudy and exuberant expression in fashion, Cavalli, Galliano, Alexander McQueen etc does this gallantly! I'm also not entirely against the expression in the designer's name either, there was a period where John Galliano had a collection of accessories and clothing with a newspaper print that had his last name printed in various areas. But there was a theme, it was cohesive, and it was masterfully tasteful. Monogram can also be beautiful if worn and expressed well. One of my favorite monogram prints is that of Goyard's, it's intricate, hand painted, and compliments any handbag it's created in.

I think in general I view fashion as an extension of one's expression, an art, a way to project how we feel, think and how we assemble these elements says a lot. I've always expressed that pieces don't always have to be expensive in order to be worthy of praise. I have items in my closet that range from $1 to... let's not say haha as I don't want to face that number right now. My resolve in all this is that people should be conscious what they're wearing and why. It should involve a style and not just to show "how awesome one is, b/c they have a LV bag." It's because I view fashion as art, that it irritates and offends me to no end when I see people showing off their labels and acting as if they deserve elite air to breathe from everyone else.

That is my rant! Wear it because it's unique and speaks to you, not because you want to show people how cool you are. It is for this reason that some of my favorite designers are the ones that aren't socially popular or instantly come to mind when people want a brand new accessory.

So with that I leave one final thought, ladies if you're going to spend hordes on a purse, invest in good shoes and scarves :) Shoes affect your posture and how you feel and a beautiful scarf can accent any look or outfit, and smile it looks good on you.

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