All Hail Geeks!


My friend sent me this article on Wired about how the dwindling population of geeks in the U.S is of national concern. At first I laughed because I found it hard to believe that this was a reason for a concern of national security. After reading on, I can see why the numbers can be concerning. Without the youth taking interest in careers in technology and science, who will be this country's future innovators that will keep us on the map and cusp of constant advancement.

When I was in school and the rest of the kids were ditching, smoking by the river or beating up on other kids, there were always a group geeks that spend time playing Wolfenstein, Doom and breaking apart computers. All those guys I loved hanging out with in school are now working at medical companies, intel, Microsoft, video game studios, developing the most amazing things.

I find it sad that the geek culture has only become appreciated through some sort of pop culture phenomenon. Whenever my girlfriends would talk to me about their loser boyfriends or relationship problems I would always advise, date that nerd/geek nice boy that you wouldn't think of dating. He'll treat you nice, be awesome during arguments b/c he can problem solve and in addition to that geeks tend to be more fun then the rest of the population.

I've had the relationships with people that constantly judge me for playing video games and reading comics.. not understanding that it was my form of entertainment and fueled my creativity for my craft. No more!! All Hail the Geeks :D

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