Fashion and Football? a WTF Moment.


This is where I think the fusion of both my loves is a complete failure.  I love football, I love fashion.. but what in the world or why would anybody want a Chanel logo embossed football?  There are iconic pieces from Chanel that I'll always crave and adore, their iconic 2.55 bags, the fun and glitzy way they design jewelry but strike one for me was when I found out that Chanel was selling in costco (which ended up being investigated), and strike two is this football.  I've seen the Chanel snowboarding gear and such, but a football and basketball.. really?

As a die hard football fan, and an avid fashion follower.. I think on both regards I'd be utterly ashamed to pull this out at the beach and throw it around.  It's almost as ridiculous to me as the full on Gucci or Burberry monogrammed car and suits.  At some point I think the fashion and style aspect gets thrown out the window and products like this just become about a label.
\ Via "on the go"

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