Epic Failures at My Best.


I always begin by saying how much I need to write/blog more often, but it's rare that I have a moment of clarity to really lay down the thoughts in my head. So lets cheers to my current events. I just got back from Canada which was definitely an awesome, surreal, and eventful trip. The weekend seems like a blur but here's the breakdown.

Thurs: Flew up to Edmonton, hung out with the fam and the mr, saw a movie, had some adventures and a fun night.
Friday: Spent the morning getting some work done, almost burned down the kitchen trying to boil water (epic fail 1), then spent some time w/ the mr's family. In the evening met up with the ponster and mr to Kai for some Jack on the rocks, good convo, and pretty decent food.
Saturday: For the life of me I'm having such trouble remembering what was done all day Saturday, but all I know is the evening included UFC.. and Machida rocking Rashad (though I like them both). I was sad that Serra couldn't take on shit talking Hughes, but hey win some.. right? After the UFC fight, we all just hung out on the upstairs patio eating, drinking, and talkin sports, games, boxing and more.
Sunday: Went to a baseball game (haven't been to one since Padres couple seasons ago), hung out with the fam a bit, rested up, then for a night at the mr's pals house playing things in a box and just laughing the night away.
Monday: Had lunch, did some shopping, saw the fam for a bit and then it was back to cali.

My week thus far...
Most people say after a vacation that it's back to real life, but I think on many regards no matter where I am, real life never evades me. Though certain communications may be minimized, I'm that person that will carry my blackberry with me, answer to pressing work projects, and maintain certain priorities in my life. Perhaps because I don't live my life always wanting to get away, and I enjoy the majority of it, I don't feel the need live my life in segments. Whether that means idling through 5 days to enjoy a weekend of 2, or living a mundane life to enjoy a couple weeks off somewhere else, I refuse to do it.

On that note, I've almost forgotten how genuine bad days are like, until today. Today is really one of those days where I'd look above in frustration and it wouldn't surprise me if a rock fell on my head. I spent the night editing a film for a project, and most of this morning finalizing it, all to have Adobe Premiere Pro give me a constant "Error compiling movie" whenever I tried rendering. I'm still unsure as to what the problem may be, but luckily the project isn't due until the 2nd. We'll see. During break I'll be at the bank dealing with bank issues, and then.. hopefully have a calm night where nothing is bursting into flames, error-ing out, or epic failing.


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