Officially Older, and YES Aging Gracefully!

So it's officially the day. One of the things about celebrating one's birth all month long is that when the day actually comes, there isn't much specialty to it at all. I've been getting questions on whether I feel old, if i'm experiencing any anxiety, or concerns about where I am in life. My answer to that is that if birthdays, new years and special days were the only days where I chose to reflect on my life and make possible life changes, I'd be in trouble.

I had many plans for this month for numerous things including mother's day, birthday dinners, work deadlines, academic goals and much more. I think only about half of every intention went to plan. That's the great thing about getting older, at some point you reach a capacity where you've almost been through the worst of it, so nothing seems so bad. It's funny talking to cousins and people in high school, or starting college because I can completely empathize and remember what life was like when everything seemed like a life ending emergency (for me often times it was, perhaps I'll divulge my insane epic adventures some day).

I'm really fortunate, this month is usually filled with thoughtful wishes, fun events, exciting travels and loved ones that support and go along with my erratic annual tradition that lasts a month long. Not really (more so just a few weeks ;) haha. So I often get asked why a birthmonth and what started this craziness. Well my official birthday is May 11th, which always falls on Mother's day weekend, and friends could never make it because of family gatherings. This along with conflicting schedules and etc, so I just decided, I will celebrate all month long and whoever can make it whenever and I'll be happy a happy Di.

Festivities and moments of reflection aside, my main focus this month is mainly work, projects, presentations, creative work, and efficiently getting things done. That's the thing with getting older, when I was younger I'd play as much as possible and work when I had to, but now I work harder/smarter so I can play bigger and better. It's quality over quantity..

Unlike last year though, I've learned to get more sleep, and I'm slowly learning better time management, but I have to say there's something about working in the middle of the night in a state of productive delirium that brings out the best creativity. I've been quite creatively constipated lately, and I need to find a relief for this, as creativity is a bulk of my work. Perhaps it's time to start doing personal art again. Painting, sketching, tutorials and more.

Till next time..

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