Time Management, Excuses, Aging Gracefully! The Yes's and No's


It's officially a week to late to be announcing the kick off of anything related to the beginning of this month, but hey it's my birth month so i'll do what I want to right? I hate to be the bearer of the cliched excuses of being busy, but the past couple weeks have been mildly challenging time wise. Either due to a massive amount of things to do, or due to my inability to always keep the balls I'm juggling in balance. Things happen that we can't always control, but for the most part I genuinely believe that we do have an immense amount of control over what takes place in our lives.

It's that time of the year again, one of many, but one of the most important ones that marks me getting older, and reflecting on a lifetime of bad choices, GRAND decisions, regrets, and epic moments. Every year I always get the question, who say's you can have a birthmonth, why celebrate all month? I say.. because I can, and why not. I think the whole birthmonth circus started when I was younger and found that my birthday actually landed on Mother's Day weekend, which meant no one was available to really do or go anywhere. So I said, let's just make this whole month one big celebration, honestly just a reason to get people together and have fun. hahahah Di's lovefest! j/k.. On that note.. I go through phases, some years it's a multi-city affair where we all pick up and go different places every week, and others like this year, I just wanna get work done, hang out w/ close friends and do my thing. Despite me willing to keep things calm, it's been an awesome one so far.

Kicking off the month, D and K got me and Elaine tix to see Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson up at the Nokia theatre in L.A. Robin Thicke.. man that guy can sing the underpants off any lady. We got a suprise visit from Earth Wind and Fire, and Chaka Kahn. I have a video of them singing Happy Birthday for a manager, but we'll just insert that it was for me. hahaha. After that we headed party hopping on a beautiful L.A night. It was fun, and definitely quite the crazy way to kick off a great month.

I'm taking this weekend, which is my b.day weekend, to just chill, do work, hang out with my momma, and relax. Then I'm headed to Canada to see the mr. and family... and then spend the last week of the month at universal studios :)

So enough about me and the things going on, and onto thoughts. I've been on this constant health binge of eating well, working out to be well and get fit. I've written about this before, where I've talked to individuals who want to lose weight, get a new job, make changes in their lives, but end up spending more time making excuses than anything else. I've come to accept that no amount of tacky inspirational posters above the desk, meaningful tweeted quotes, or lyrics to a moving song will ever get people off their butts, if in truth they want to stay down on their butts. With anything in life, you gotta be hungry, I mean so hungry you can taste the goal salivating in your mouth.. and bleed everything you have in you to make things happen. With that, you also have to take the initiative and find the clarity to see who and what's good for you and who and what isn't. Trim the fat.

I was definitely that wide eyed believer that gained some valuable lessons about trust and people in costly ways. At some point, whether it's that shitty boyfriend or girlfriend, that backstabbing friend, the crappy job, or bad habit.. we have to realize things have gotta change. It's easier to start over with a clean canvas, than try to paint over cracks and touch up crooked lines.

I can't wait to graduate this year and get stuff done. Though time is flying by, I'm making the best of each moment and looking forward to making the next big thing in my life.

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