LED Throwies, Highlighting the Heart of Hillcrest

For an electronics class, we were assigned to create LED Throwies (composed of an LED light, battery and magnet) and basically intervene upon a physical space somewhere, and using these lights to artistically make a form of statement.  I chose to use these LED's to create physical interventions on various spaces to highlight parts of Hillcrest San Diego, that contribute to the neighborhood's personality and heart.  Despite the Starbucks, Pinkberry, Rite-Aid, Panda Express or other various commercial enterprises taking over smaller, independently owned, establishments, there are still parts of Hillcrest that exude color, flavor and continue to highlight what makes this area so special.

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The owner of a classic bookstore on 5th Avenue who recognized my LED  throwies right away.

A dry cleaners next to the Pinkberry which used to be an antique furniture store.

Crest Cafe "Hearty, Healthy Comfort Food"


The Brass Rail

Another bar on 5th Ave.

You don't see too many pay phones anymore.

Got one LED on the Hillcrest sign nice and high but then...

Police came and said STOP!

So we threw a cluster and ran after the police left.

In the middle of 5th ave among thriving businesses and trendy shops, there's one abandoned building which often provides a semi roof for homeless people, performers and vagabonds. I felt it was appropriate to have it be the final place my throwies highlighted.

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