Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Japan (GRAPHIC)

Warning Graphic Content

When I first started hearing about the dolphin slaughter in Japan, the media attention was spotlighting a trip by Hayden Panettiere to Taji Japan. The images and video footage were mild compared to what was captured by and their hidden cameras. In 2009 a movie called "The Cove" was released, shedding light on the annual massacres taking place in this tiny area of Japan called Taiji. I never knew that the constant moving waters of he ocean could be turned from an emerald green to a deep crimson.

The topic of animal slaughter world wide whether for fur, meat or other commercial purposes is nothing new. It's sad to say but human roots seem to be stemmed on the practice of taking anything and creating into a profitable enterprise. It's just how we operate. What saddens me goes beyond these super intelligent animals, I'm in awe of earth's marvels and how people are just so quickly to destroy it, and if it becomes extinct, then we'll find something else to capitalize on.

A Dolphin's sonar, communication, social interactions and even conscious awareness is considered to be complex and second to only that of a humans. Many of those in Taiji and etc have been playing the culture and tradition card, but the questionable part is that if this is the case, why is it that most of Japan isn't even aware that this is taking place, in fact dolphin meat isn't even widely consumed.

As for nutrition, the concern is that Dolphin meat contains a concentrated high volume of mercury which is poisonous and builds up with consumption. Some samples of the dolphin meat contained 48-1500 times the allowed amount of mercury for consumption. Such an irony, that the animal you slaughter and consume will end up killing you.

For a report on the mercury testing results click here

I'm a heavy advocate of saving the seals, dolphins and marine life. It's going to be a sad day when we've over fished, killed or destroyed our oceans and there's nothing left.

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