Zac Posen for Target yay


I know I've talked about how disappointed I am in many diffusion lines such as Jimmy Choo's and such but this is one line I'm incredibly excited for.  Fashionista posted the look book  for Zac Posen's line for Target and I must say, if it looks as good in person as it does in these images, I'm truly excited!  I love the flirty girl look with just a bit of trashy edge, like you woke up in the morning from a night out on the town but your toussled hair is fabulous and all you need are a pair of sunglasses and red lips, all while holding a cup of coffee.  

My favorites are Look 21 - The slim fitting tuxedo jacket and pleated shirt (though I'm biased b/c you know how I love scarves).

Look 07 - I'm unsure what that ruffle is, how it'll be worn and at $79.99 for target it better be fabulous.  But I love lace and anything bizarre with ruching and lace.  Kind of like my Alpha 60 pleated scarf that I wear on casual days, to dress up leggings, boots and a sweater.

I completely understand that diffusion lines will not be made of the same materials as the runway line but I'm hoping that the stitching quality and fabrics will still be of good quality.  We shall see.  Till then I await anxiously!

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