China's War on Sexting


I wonder at times if government just gets bored and just looks for innovative ways to invade their "people's" lives and control their movements like a game of chess. China has apparently declared a war on "inappropriate" text messaging and has decided to monitor communication for key words that may be "unhealthy". 

Why would anyone care if two people are texting dirty messages.  I think this "monitoring" is just an invasion of privacy to create some sort of new industry of dirty entertainment but for high level government officials.  Perhaps they'll even document hot conversations and trade them with one another like Pokemon cards. 

Why I found this hilarious is because in China many popular comic books are flooded with ads containing naked girls advertising a "good time" or "hot images" sent directly to your phone. 
Between this, a huge gender imbalance problem, trafficking, and a black-market flooded with counterfeit everything, you would think that China has their hands full.

It seems that everyday in the media there's constant rants about a struggling economy, not enough funding for certain industries and how taxes may need to be raised.  In any country, it's mind boggling how many idiotic studies and projects get funded by tax payer dollars. 

What's worst is that people don't revolt anymore, no one stands up and raises questions on the policies that they are forced to live under.  There's this government saying that "any nail that sticks up must be hammered back down", I say "people should not fear their government, government should fear their people" V for Vendetta! 

\ Via "on the go"

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