Designs by Kings of Leon


Who knew rockers could design.  I promise that I'm not biased to liking the idea b/c I like Kings of Leon's music, I actually appreciate their individual style as well.  Style posted some price points and images of the rocker's designs to be sold at Barney's and  It seems anywhere that I read on the net, people are complaining about the price point which honestly doesn't surprise me too much.  From $108 for a T-Shirt, $150 for jeans and $1150 for the leather bomber jacket, it seems that it's mainly the jacket that's upsetting the price margin.

There's two routes when celebs decide to meld into fashion, they either contribute to the lower end of the spectrum and make fashion for the "people" or they go for high end garb that boasts quality, tailoring and flare.  It's hard for me to gauge an opinion on this collection since all I've seen is a "John Varvatos" style jacket and a pair of skinny jeans.  I can say that I see what I like thus for, but if it's worth the price will depend on the feel and texture of the materials.

I can definitely say I've seen way worst musical influences in the fashion world, Avril, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan.. the list goes on and on!
\ Via "on the go"

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