Haiti 48 Hours After the Earthquake


(images via The Big Picture)

Ever since the earthquake in Haiti, the world and media has been on fire extending aid and exhibiting a social awareness that I feel should exist outside of tragedy as well.  The Big Picture posted a collection of images all taken 48 hours after the earthquake hit and needless to say the visuals are nothing short of devastating. 
I find it remarkable that despite the tragic subject matter, these images display a certain beautiful conviction about them.  There's always speculation and concern that the media and individuals who do not live through the disaster, tend to romanticize it with their dramatic imagery. I think anytime we capture any moment, it will always have a layer of fictional narrative to the visuals because the viewer of the photographs weren't there to witness the happenings first hand. 

The images are graphic and from the piles of bodies, to the rescue efforts and the areas left in shambles, the pictures do leave a daunting feeling of despair. 

During the promotions of sending aid and recognizing this disaster that has taken place, I'm surprised at the rare commentary in regards to Haiti's social, political and economic status prior to this earthquake.  The fact that most of this country was living in poverty prior and that there was constant civil unrest makes me question if whether in the face of despair, the people and government of Haiti will come together to rebuild a better place or will it go back to how it was?

\ Via "on the go"

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