Losing Your Card


I found this utterly hilarious because so many of us can relate and it's even funnier that Bank of America almost seems like they have a sense of humor in allowing this option to show up.  My girlfriend has lost her credit card now for about a month, and is finally getting around to replacing it.  When I asked her how come she didn't replace it sooner, she said because she knew that it was somewhere safe and that there weren't any charges on it.  So the both of us found it quite witty that one of the options available when you are selecting what happened to your card, that "card misplaced at home" was an option. 

The thing is that aside from "additional card requested" "card damaged" or "other" that was the only option.  What if i didn't lose my card at home and it was lost elsewhere?  One would think that "Card lost" would be sufficient.

\ Via "on the go"

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