Jean Paul Gualtier for Target



Taking a break from sports and my gloom today, here's other news. posted some images from the lookbook for Jean Paul Gaultier's line for Target.  Another one follows suit. Everytime I hear about another designer creating a more affordable line, two questions always arise.  1) Is it for some social meaning of bringing fashion to the people OR 2) Is it just for the money?  They're rhetorical questions because truthfully, isn't everything commercial always about the money?

 I remember when I first heard that Isaac Mizrahi and Mossimo were selling at Target, I was absolutely blown away and commended Target for taking a step above their "Walmart" competitor by offering competitive pricing while still maintaining a bit of order and class in their stores.  For those who don't know what I'm talking about check out  There's just so many elements that combine to make Walmart such a icky place to shop at.

I've always appreciated Jean Paul Gaultier's knack for mixing wearable pieces within his "out there" color splashes, details and eccentric designs.   To me he was this fusion mixture between two of my favorite designers, avant gard Galliano and the clean lines and intricate drapery of Lanvin.  I'm sure there are those that probably think I'm off my rocker with all this but I can definitely see pieces in this collection for Target that I really really like.

I'm actually more excited for this collection for Target than I am for Zac Posen's.
I'm liking the edge added to that classic front pleated dress by the two color motorcycle jacket, and some of the floral prints mixed with trenches.  I'll never be a fan of empire dresses because they just make me look pregnant.

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