Sports and Bows, Boy Meets Girl


Since setting up this blog and actually dedicating time to write each day, I've been perplexed as to my target audience and primary focus.  I have this condition where depending on which day of the week it is, this blog and my personality can be mistaken for that of a boys.  Mid week most of my entries are about food, pop culture, fashion and art, towards the end of the week, especially on Sundays, you can bet that it's sports, boxing, MMA and more.  One of my most popular blogs is my entry on Diego Sanchez's post fight picture and in contrast my short blurb on Japan Superdry's clothing.

That's the thing, I have both what would be stereotyped as boy and girl tendencies and interests.  Many of my favorite bloggers such as Drew Magery from Deadspin (part of the Gawker network for sports news), Bryan Boy for his witty fashion commentary and travels, to so many more, all have a specified topic and focus.  Perhaps my arrayed span of interests means that I won't draw a focused group of readers, but I guess one can say there's a bite of something for everyone at The Daily Chow.

On my very soon list of things to add are my pictures from the UFC meet and greet, remaining Las Vegas reviews and some of my amateur photography.

I was talking with a gal pal on facebook who also has this obsession with bows, and it made me realize that unknowingly, I also have this affinity towards gaudy, ostentatious and eye catching bows.  When I think of bows the first thing that comes to mind is the Ferragamo Vara bow.  I have a pair of Vara semi-flats that my girlfriend calls church shoes, but nonetheless, they look adorable with cigarette pants, dresses and so much more.  I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to wear the bag, belt and shoes in one outing but the classic Vara bow is one I love.

Another love of mine is the Louboutin Dillian pump.  Whether the front of this shoe is an intricate cluster of flower bows or a representation of some sort of sea anemone, I absolutely adore the detail and craftsmanship into making this shoe.

To transition from one love to another, fashion to sports.  This weekend is the first of playoffs, who's ready?  I think this season the Colts have a good chance to going to the super-bowl, unless the Chargers beat them in the playoffs, and for the NFC i'm picking either the Vikings or the Saints.  From the way the Saints have been playing.. I'm leaning towards the Vikings.  It's bittersweet because this is what I've been waiting all season for, but I know that shortly I will be left lonely and sad for another 7 months until football season starts up again.
Till next time mes amis ... :)

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