Meeting Ozzy Osbourne - "I AM OZZY" Book Signing

I purchased my book the day before the signing and I was number N 19! The next evening Warwick's had promised that they would be tweeting  what letter group would be up first, so since I work in the area E. and I decided that we would follow and wait.  By 5:46pm their first tweet was for the Letter A, the signing wasn't supposed to start until 6:30pm. Within 40 minutes we received a cryptic tweet stating "come one come akl" which I'm assuming the last word meant All.  So we headed over to the book store and it was an organized mayhem.  The block was crowded, people were flocking to the windows to catch a glimpse of Ozzy but regardless the signing went through very efficiently.  We got there a bit later (one letter passed ours) and I explained that we were letter "N", so we showed our ticket, walked in and within minutes instructed on which page to give to Ozzy to sign and to keep it quick.  

I remembered on the radio that Ozzy had said if we brought anything else he would sign it for his fans, I didn't think to bring my guitar (which would have been weird b/c Ozzy doesn't play guitar, and it's an acoustic.. but music is music), and I forgot to print a photo of Ozzy when he was in Black Sabbath.  

Although the signing was rushed and taking pictures was extremely difficult due to the crowds,  I got a few really good images (thank you SLR), and got to yell OZZY LOVE YOU MAN I'M A BIG FAN! To which he replied "ALRIGHT!"

Meeting Adam Richman from Man V Food and Ozzy both in one week was uber winsauce! 
Pictures from the signing:

Despite how Ozzy is portrayed on the show, he was actually very focused, clear and understandable in person.  Nice quiet guy.  

 It was surprising to me that a lot of people didn't even say anything to Ozzy, as if there was this glass wall there that they were afraid to penetrate.  I'm thinking, you're in front of a rock star that you're a big fan of, SAY SOMETHING! 

This is Ozzy signing E's book.

I wish we could have taken pictures with him, but they were really trying to move the line by fast. 

Cheers and ciao till the next adventure.

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