The Great Tournament - Go Team Canada!

The start of "The Great Tournament" started for Team Canada Tuesday night; where they faced off against Norway. It was safe to say that this would be one of their easiest games; it was a 8-0 win for Team Canada.

With so many great players playing for their respective countries, we will see 6 teams with the ability to win gold the Russian's, Czech's, Sweden, Finland, USA ,and Canada. The expectation is nothing short of the gold medal for Canada's men's hockey team with Russia being Canada's biggest rival and challenge at these winter games. There has been much media attention on the rivalry between Russia and Canada over the years, and we could possibly witness a Canada, Russia final. If this happens it will be the biggest game between these 2 countries since the 1987 Canada cup. I'm sure many people will also compare this to the 1972 summit series.

For many this tournament will define the success of the 2010 Winter Olympic games for Canada one medal matters. When you talk about Canada's sport, everyone will say it's hockey. All eyes will be watching the success or failure of Team Canada. When Al MAcInnis was asked what it was like to play for Team Canada in the 2002 Winter Olympics he said "It's like carrying an anvil on your back for 10 days". I'm sure Team Canada of 2010 is feeling the same pressure.

For myself, I've watched and played hockey all my life. When I was a kid, playing street hockey every day after school was habitual. All my childhood heroes were hockey players. This will be the biggest tournament of our generation, being on home soil; having the chance to witness Team Canada win the gold medal at home will be something I be waiting for.
(a guest entry by C.)

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