UFC What?


Jumping ahead quite a few events to UFC 112 , I was quite stunned when I hear that Demian Maia would be paired against Anderson "the spider" Silva.  I heard the news a little bit ago that Vitor Belfort had an injured shoulder and that it's actually been bothering him for quite some time, since his fight with Rich Franklin.

What had the gears in my head going was, how did Demian Maia (whom I love btw!) get knocked out within seconds against Nate Marquardt and did formidable against Dan Miller, somehow get bumped to Anderson Silva level. 

When I was having this conversation w/ C. he said "well you told me Demian Maia's stand up game got better and is fairly decent" my response "There's a huge difference between decent stand up game and one of the most accurate and best in MMA stand up game." to which we agreed and were left perplexed as to how Demian Maia was going to pull this off. Again I can't stress enough how much I love Demian as a fighter, but upon watching both fighters for quite sometime, the skill set level, I feel is slightly unbalanced.

Who knows.. everyone has a chance and can take it during any fight.  I'm interested to see as to how the fights will go.

But  man oh man I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!  The upcoming cards for the next few months are going to be insane.  I'll be posting picks and more thoughts closer to the events.

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