Maggots in the Oatmeal

The assumption when we purchase food from the grocery store is that there has been careful efforts to ensure that what we're eating is safe.  We all know that this isn't always the case. 

About six weeks ago I bought a box of value/generic branded instant oatmeal from Walmart. It was one of those evenings where I was looking for toiletries and the convenience of stopping by multiple stores could not be afforded, so I decided to pick up some snacks.  The instant oatmeal came in sealed packages within a box.  It's been sitting in my cupboard the past month or so with a few packages either eaten by myself or someone else (barf), and over the past couple weeks I started noticing singled dead maggots on the bottom of my cupboard.  So yesterday when I witnessed the appearance of another dead maggot, I once again cleaned out everything to once again find nothing, no source, no colony of them, and began inspecting each package of food. 

When I looked at the oatmeal packages I noticed tiny tiny openings within the glue at the top and debris, so I decided to open each package and sift it's contents onto a paper towel, what I found was GROSS. Sporadic specks of dead maggots within the sugar and oatmeal.  Which is odd because I don't think maggots live off of oats, which means they were packaged with the oatmeal.

Everyone keeps telling me I should have kept it and sued, but powerhouses like Walmart have entire legal teams behind them, I paid for the oatmeal with cash (I remember the evening), so there was no way of proving that I bought it, when I bought it and etc.  

If you guys have read, I've been writing about food, quality control and demanding proper labeling of where our food comes from and what goes in it.   I have no idea how this happened, and of course I wasn't anticipating building a case, so didn't keep anything.. but felt the least I can do is share the story and suggest you check your oatmeal.

Disclaimer, the above image is to give representation of what maggots look like.  They are not the actual ones I found in my oatmeal (again shoulda took pix), I found roughly 4-8 maggots per package.

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