The Scent of Female Sex in a Bottle

Coined as being original  "like the first dildo" a German company has manufactured the scent of the female vagina in a bottle.  The scent has been concocted by collecting samples of urine, sweat and female arousal from varying age groups.  Vulva Original offers “the genuine scent of a woman” via an easy-to-use roll on applicator and will presumably attract rapists and dogs."

Here's what the company head Guido Lenssen had to say in an interview.

"The sense of smell as a human being is important and very underrated. When you’re in restaurant, you always ask how does the food taste, but you never discuss the smell. When I am with my wife, I prefer her natural body smell to other smells like perfume. "

"Of course, we wanted to take the scent from a woman that looks nice, but we tried with a variety of women as it was ultimately smell based, not about looks. We took a year and a half to get it right."

"You use it to enhance a situation, for example, maybe watching TV or a DVD, or with your partner. You can apply it to the back of the hand and use the aroma to add another dimension. "

Despite the extensive engineering and innovation of ideas that went into this product, I don't see it being anything more than a high ticket novelty item.  Similar to mounting a moose head on your wall, you can have a bottle of "juice" that has come from a woman. 

How this hasn't ruined my bubble tea appetite I have no idea.  Though I'm always intrigued by clever marketing, I must say that the logo, name and packaging is ingenious and chic. Even down to the name of the website, the blatant branding of sexual pleasure remains consistent.

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