There is a Fashion God!

Years ago when tattoo art began making appearances on clothing and accessories, I thought wow that's something new, quite daring and definitely loud.  I think I even own a silk Ed Hardy scarf with a panther on it.  Fast forward to the present and it is official that brands such as Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier and now even Affliction, have all created a "uniform for douche bags." These douchey uniforms can even be purchased on a budget as plenty of brands now obliterate their T-Shirts and Jeans with a plethora of colors, jewels and animals.  

Republic in New Orleans has decided to take a stand by applying to their dress code that "if it's been worn on Jersey Shore, it's not admitted."  NO Affliction, NO Ed hardy, No Christian Audigier, NO Exceptions.  Oh how I want to print this sign and run a muck, in joy,  through down-towns everywhere pasting it on the door of every establishment. 

Now if only we could do something about Juicy Couture towel bags (cry me a river about it being Terry Cloth, towel is towel), UGG boots and mini skirts and the Tiffany Bracelets with the giant tags on them. 

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