UFC Fight NIght 21 - Size Doesn't Matter

I've been expressing my woes as of late regarding my consistent work outs, eating mostly well, and did I mention lack of physical results?  Actually I lie, my strength has nearly doubled, my core more in tune and engaged when working out and flexibility has increased, so on the inside I'm felling like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.  On the outside however, stuff is fitting tighter, I swear I'm gaining weight and not losing fat and it's an entirely different frustration. 

If nothing else came out of tonight's Fight Night bag of goodies, I've at least found comfort in the surprising performance by Roy "Big Country" Nelson.  Upon touching gloves, Stefan Struve looked 15 feet tall compared to Nelson, and Nelson looked 15 feet wide compared to Struve.  I honestly had it in my head that Struve was going to be submitted by suffocation due to the BELLEH! My what a belly it is. 

So why is it I've found an esteemed haven in the belly of the "Big Country" beast?  Simply because behind that monstrosity of a stomach, you've got a guy that has explosive heavy punches and can perform past laying on someone.  I've decided to stop whining over the scale and measurements and just keep up with my uber with an umlaut physical regimen.  I'm doing things that I couldn't do before, and progressing so it can't be all that wrong. 

Unlike Caol Uno and Takanori Gomi, who's performances tonight were all sorts of wrong. The Asians were not represented well tonight starting with Uno got taken out by Tibau in the first round by TKO.

Similar to how I now correlate the word BANG! with Manny Pacqiao, I will forever think of Jab x 1000 when I think of Kenny Florian or Gomi.  I expected so much more from the Pride Champ, but I had an idea that Florian would be much more prepared, since losing to BJ Penn and upping his motivation/training.  That's what happens though when one gets lazy then tries to start back up again.  It'll be along road to conditioning for Gomi but I'm aiming for Florian getting back in the ring with Penn and taking him down!

Now how BJ Penn will do against Edgar?  We shall see when I list my picks for 112. 

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