Tito Ortiz Abuse Allegations

I'm still trying to get used to this idea of TMZ being a reputable media outlet for breaking news in sports, probably because visiting TMZ's website always leaves me feeling a little dirty.  That type of feeling like i'm contributing to something creepy and just a little off pudding.  Which is why the only time I head there is when another blog links to an interesting article.

Just like their first breaking of the Roethlisberger sexual assault scandal, they set the internet blogger world on fire yesterday when news and video broke out about Tito Ortiz being accused of physically abusing Jenna Jameson. You can watch both videos here.

Since yesterday, there's been inconsistent story details as to what had happened, whether he beat her, or didn't, or whether she's a drug addict or not.  Although I have no idea what being a drug addict has to do with Tito hitting Jenna, unless she was completely inebriated and she got hurt while he was trying to move her.

During a press conference, Ortiz stated that Jameson was addicted to Oxycotin and that he was concerned for her well being.  From what I know of the drug, it's a sedative or what some would call a downer, so I don't imagine that a woman who weighs 100 lbs could be that difficult to man handle while sedated.  Others say "he could have dropped her.."

The one truth is that no one knows it except them two.  People on the net are lashing out at the both of them on twitter and late last night Jenna tweeted. "I am officially crushed.... I have so much I could say, but I refuse to ruin tito......I will never be the same, I lost the love of my life." and her response to his drug addiction accusations was "Its sad tito had to resort to attacking my character. I am being strong for my children, and I hope he feels a bit better now".

It's a sad reality that the net is an open and rough jungle protected by monitors and keyboards.  Everyone has an opinion and people did not hold back on expressing their thoughts, without thought as to what it could do to a person who's going through something as it is.  But then again, when Jenna opened herself to TMZ, she opened the doors of scrutiny.  Here's what some on twitter had to say.

"haha tito ortiz beat the shit out of @jennajameson then she got made fun of and had to quit twitter. #roughweek "

"@jennajameson Good riddance. Maybe you can do us all a favor and quit life as well!"

Some more positive ones included
"@jennajameson. Yes! Focus on your happiness! Don't worry about what people say. Some people believe everything they hear. Its sad!
"@jennajameson Hold your Head, and it will be ok. U loved him with ur whole heart, now its shattered. U can pick up the pieces with time."

As a business person and as a person who really came up in life despite her route of choice, I really respect Jenna Jameson.  As for Tito, we don't know if he hit her or not, I'm more interested in seeing at what transpires legally and professionally for him in the UFC. 

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