The Bubble Tea Nomster is Back, Sports and More

Updates! Aside from looking like a creepy child eater in this picture, I'm incredibly happy because this "Patient Zero" is finally over the week long hump of being incredibly sick.  I had both the cold and the flu and somehow managed to infect two others at work, that became even sicker than I was.  To celebrate, I'm feeding my addiction by indulging in a giant cup of bubble tea :)

Despite being sick I'm going through this wave of working 2 weeks straight because I had the earth day event for our company last weekend, so more than ever I am incredibly appreciative of this coming weekend. 

How about that good ol NFL draft making a prime time appearance?  Now with the first round portion gone, the next are up to bat this weekend.  I'm on the fence about the Chargers giving away our second rounder in order to pick up Matthews because honestly, what good is a RB if your o'line doesn't open up holes for him? But I hope he does for us what LT did in 06, which was make magic happen! 

On more NFL talk, the St. Louis Rams got their $50 million dollar man Sam Bradford, and I don't care if he was made from genetic components stolen from Montana, Elway, Aikman, Favre and Marino all together, every year I talk about how preposterous it is that these rookies get insane money before ever working with the team, throwing a snap or having field experience.  Sometimes you end up with a good one and other times you end up with a Jamarcus Russell, and he's done wonders for the Raiders /sarcasm.  Last year it was the Dirty Sanchez that got the boatload of cash, and the success of the Jets going to the playoffs had little to do with the man that just hands off the ball.

I think Drew Magery explains the viscious cycle best:
"Every fucking year, the rookie bonuses escalate at a rate that has nothing to do with reality. When owners lock out the players in 2011, this will be one of the things they correct, and it's overdue. Teams like the Rams are essentially forced to pick someone like Bradford, because they need a QB so desperately. Then they toss a huge bonus that pick's way and are fucked beyond reason if the pick fails. And the pick is all but set up to fail, given his incredible pay, management's need to play him early to justify that pay, and coaches being fired when the pick's early play turns out to be shit. Then the same team picks a QB in the top 5 six years later and we do it all over again."

I think that big paycheck should come with experience, the move from college to the NFL is huge and you gotta get to working within a team before you know if the everyone is the right fit.  Once you get a guy you know is worth keeping, then you pay the big bucks. 

I think that Free Agency this year and the no salary cap was more exciting then the draft.  But moving on from football, have any of you been following 24-7 Mayweather Mosley?  3 words nomtastic EPIC WIN! I can't wait for this fight, and I think at this point Mosley has a good chance at winning the fight.  Personally I think it's going to go to decision, but hey let's hope I'm wrong and we see one of two boastful boxers get KO'ed. 

I think one thing that Boxing does better then MMA are the pre-fight documentary videos.  24-7 in comparison to Countdown, offers a narrative build up in multiple episodes allowing fans to see the lives of the boxers, their story, and really develop a personal relationship.  At the end of each 24-7, the narrator always has a moving ending thought which ties in the lives of each boxer to the deeply rooted sport. 

For those that haven't watched it yet.. Here's the first 2 episodes of Mayweather Mosley 24-7.  I know I love you too! ;) I think eps. 3 is this weekend so stay tuned.
Episode 1
Episode 2

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