UFC 115 a Quick Rundown


While I'm incredibly stoked that UFC has finally infiltrated Canada, I'm not exhilirated by the fight card. Who knows though, I could be surprised by insane ko's, submissions and a night of intense fights.

As for my picks, ill keep it to the main events, I got Rich "Ace" Franklin, and of course bc I'm slightly partial to pride fighters, Cro Cop. Chuck Liddell may have gotten some intense conditioning from dancing with the stars and be an insane fighter who's arms are the equivalent to Guile's sonic booms, but I just think that Franklin is lookin good and is an incredibly smart fighter.

With Cro Cop all I have to say is no words and all action! Kudos to him for not engaging in pre-fight hype talk and just wanting to stick to the matter at hand. His fight.

So with the world cup and UFC, it's a great sports weekend. Cheers and hoorah!
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Diana Le
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