Crossfit and Gears

I've been at this for 3 weeks and I've decided that I hate Crossfit, probably in a good way.  Let me explain, in a perfect world I could eat what I want, sleep as long as I want, never exercise and on the day of my 10k mud run, I'd wake up looking like the girl version of GSP.  Well like mr Georges St. Pierre says himself "The training is harder than the fight."

There was this poetic glamor to the idea of always being sore, sweating it out, training hard and building up to this supreme being that is better than what I am.  I swear there's nothing that makes you feel more inadequate than showing up to class and realizing that 3/4 of the way through the work out of the day, you want to die and the last 60 seconds feels like an eternity.  You know you're not fully equipped for something when you find yourself working out to be better prepped for your work out. 

With that said, nothing keeps me more motivated than a night of good fights and UFC 128 did just that! While the wounds of seeing Jones practically dominate Shogun hurt my "Pride" loving soul are still healing,  it was kind of expected.  Shogun never does well after a knee surgery, for those that remember the Coleman fight, you'll also remember how painful it was to watch. 

With that said, I've gotten back into rock climbing, hit the gym, doing yoga to stretch out the sore parts and of course crossfit.  Definitely not easy, but everytime I start feeling like wimping out, I hear that Marcus Fenix voice from Gears saying "Fight through the pain!" I will be honest and admit though, I haven't changed my diet at all! Carbs are my truest love and I'm a bonafide Bubble Tea addict! 

This weekend is another fight one that I absolutely can't wait for, till then i'll be at the gym, thinking about eating well and playing more Def Jam Rapstar at the game studio.

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