WTF is a Snooki?

It was over dinner and UFC this past weekend that I was venting about how effed up this world is, not because of politics or civil un-rest, but because like "Neyo" I died a little bit when I found out The Jersey Shore's Snooki was on the cover of Rolling Stone.  During my venting session, my pal's responded with "wait, what.. rewind.. wtf is a Snooki? Is it that the blanket with sleeves and why is it on Rolling Stone Magazine?"

Blanket or annoying reality phenomenon, neither have any business being on any cover.

Back to Neyo, while I may not adore all of his songs, I so so SO want to high five him for tweeting/saying  "Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit. (Just kidding, but almost serious….)." and "I don't know her so I can't disrespect her, but I feel like Rolling Stone is a music magazine. And for them to put her on the cover, it's like, 'Really?"  It gives me a bit of relief hearing someone say something other than how fantastic the Jersey Shore tomfooleries are. 

Continuing the utter hate and ranting, from someone who knows how to edit a photo and get's how much Photoshop goes into making people look good, no amount of editing can make this cover easy to stomach.  

Snooki responded to Neyo's comments by saying "I was just really upset. I'm a big fan of Ne-Yo. Every song was on my iPod and I deleted them yesterday just because of his comments. Why do you hate me? I'm the nicest person ever. I understand you are a little mad cause your career is not up right now and I'm on the cover but you know what–like I'm a nice person and I deserve it, so get over it." The thing is that she has a point, in the sense that someone offered a cover and why not ride the wave of fame like a rocket right?  I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.  

I get the whole trashy and entertaining reality tv thing, that more people knew about what the Kardashians or Jersey Shore folks were doing, before they knew about the earthquake/tsunami in japan, but in this case I just agree with Neyo thinking "REALLY..."? Some may bring up the point "hey the chicks from The Hills were on the cover of Rolling Stone, what's the difference?"  I'm not an anti-reality TV nazi, in the case of the Hills, they honestly influenced fashion, L.A hotspots, and even showcased a lot of indie artists in their soundtrack, that later made it big.  The only thing the Jersey Shore proved was that Ed Hardy really did create a uniform for, yes you guessed it, tomfooleries.

Think of all the epic covers RollingStone has put out with actors, musicians, models and other pop culture figures and this one just really killed my soul a little.  The last time I saw a part of the Jersey Shore while flipping through channels, one of the cast members was rolling on the floor inside a box and on another occasion they were transferring a bag of poo from one bed to another.  

Just think about the truly talented individuals that perform for the love of their practice and yet never get recognition............. sigh.. I could rant for a lifetime but nuff said. 

Here are some of my favorite RollingStone covers.

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