a Little More Than Just Football


After reading constant stories of assault, dog fighting, partying, underage girl -tail chasing, it's always inspiring to hear words of modesty and a little bit of clarity from a football player.  While his antics on the field don't always portray "nice guy" type, recent interviews and responses he's posted to the lockout, has me feeling proud to doing the Ray Lewis dance during Baltimore's games.

Watch the interview above or on the Dailymotion

my favorite excerpts from the interview:
"When I was 17 yrs old I wanted to be the greatest that ever played this sport, what if someone took that away, what am I gonna do pout?"

"During the lockout i'm gonna keep shaking hands and touching lives, so that once the lockout ends, my choice won't be "I just got football" it'll be "do I wanna just play football."

"So what do you take when the opportunity is given to you and you got the NFL on your resume."

"Football is gonna take care of itself, it was here before us, it'll be here after us. "

"There are people truly struggling with real struggles out there.  What we're going through right now is affecting so many more people and it's bigger than just us (stadium workers, fans....) There's people who's life is this sport."

"16 year old kid tells me Ray i'm only 16, I need a heart otherwise i'm gonna die...."

Ray Lewis On The Lockout by ESPN

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