Going Out With a Thunderous Bang


Today was one of those days that movie breakdowns are often based upon.  You know those days, where you watch the sun slowly fade behind the hills and as the sky darkens from red to dark blue, you think to yourself "I'm so glad this day is done."

I took the close of day with a bit of relief until a friend ever so eloquently typed to me over IM, "well Di, if the rapture is true, and we all die tomorrow, you won't ever have another stressful day again."

We're always told to live each day like it's our last, and while I've lived through quite a few "end of the world" prophecies, I will admit that I did a few things different today.  

My mom just came back from Vietnam and I had plans to see and spend time with her this evening, but one of my associates scheduled a last minute project phone meeting.  My first instinct was to try to figure out a way to take time to schedule a call while spending time with family, but I thought about it and just decided, that nothing dire would happen if I took a night off from calls.  

So in T minus eleven hours, in the slim chance that we all meet our maker, my last memories will include giving my mom flowers and her belated mother's day gift, telling her I love her, having bubble tea, staring at the skies and watching THOR while consuming massive amounts of buttered popcorn.
In the event, that we all survive another prophecy of doom, the world will continue to rotate, as we prepare for the next impending apocalypse. The best part will be that I'll get a few more chances to live out a few more nights marveling ahead in awe and wonder, just as THOR did at the end of the movie.  

I wish I could write why this movie was so incredible, but it's actually one of those that I don't want to spoil.  I will say though, the Rotten Tomatoes audience is rarely ever wrong and the best stories come from comic books.  

So my dear friends/readers, if we fall victim to the rapture, know that writing my random rants for you have been one of my most favorite things to do and if we make it till Sunday, I'll try my best to catch up and post some of the amazing things that have happened over the past couple months.


looking through facebook, people are posting that they are spending their "last nights" before the rapture enjoying the company of friends, being merry, toasting good will and sending out positive messages.  Threats of doom should happen more often.  

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