Enter Team Black House Nogueira


Slowly but surely I'm finally getting to editing and uploading pictures.  A few months back, a friend of mine invited me to the Nogueira gym's grand opening, where they were hosting a meet and greet with a few MMA fighters and boxers affiliated with their training camp.  The event garnered a huge turnout, but fortunately our friend that trains there, secured us a great place in line, so that we could jet on over right after crossfit.

Better late than never, and since it was a UFC Sunday, what better time than to finally post some photos from the event.

 Team Black House was packed. 

 We all were appreciating this view.

 Mark Munoz giving an interview about his upcoming fight.

 Andre Galvao and Big Nog (Nogueira)
 Candid moment between Silva & Nogueira greeting Ed Soares and...
 Mercito Gesta and Aaron Garcia (Boxers)

 Phil Davis
 Andrew Galvao
 I told Anderson that he stole my move, so we had to do a peace sign photo together.  Not gonna lie, previously to this event, I really disliked the guy for his antics in the ring, seeing him argue w/ Chael Sonnen in the hotel lobby and.. oh yah his antics in the ring.  Meeting him up close and personal and getting to talk to him for a few minutes, showed a different side of him.  The guy's really cool to his fans.
 Little Nog (Nogueira)
Anderson Silva practically melted when this little girl came around. 

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