a Stray Cat Strut Home from E3

If you guys remember in late May, the evening before the "Rapture", I promised that if we made it out alive, one thing I'd start doing, is being better at keeping up with pix, noms and ZE BLOG! I think I've been doing pretty good at that, and I'm finally catching up with a hojillion photos from all my adventures this year.  (I have Vegas New Years photos that have finally made their way out of the archive).

We just got back from E3 and what an insanely packed day.  We spent about six or seven hours at the convention checking out games, booths and winning crazy prizes like a new fox tail and my Vindictus Spirit Hood from Nexon. (above pic) I'll have a full write up with pictures and Nommy finds, like T-Mobile's diner booth and Disney's cafe, later this weekend.

I just wanted to share a song of the night, that we found on an old 80's mix cd, while driving home.

The Stray Cats, Stray Cat Strut.  There's something so incredibly cool and chill about this song that always makes driving or hanging out fun.  This song among quite a few others, were quite poignant in our howling sessions of "car karaoke".

Another reason why I wanted to post it is because I remembered thoroughly enjoying a street performer gyrate to a rendition of this song, for Q on 5th.

So I hope his hips and talented feet entertained you as well, here's the original song, cheers and Bonne Nuit. <3 chow.

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