You Can't Fake Fashion, Project DIY


The tune to my step as of late has been a lot about custom creations and less about heading to the mall and just buying.  This project of the CFDA tote (that I posted a while back) originally started because all of the ones created by the designers, were sold out, but got the bag anyway because I love the message and the cause. 

I finally got to customizing the bag with silk/velvet flowers, a new strap, Jewelmint's Pin Up necklace, ribbon and beading.  It's far from done, as I plan on coloring the canvas, adding more custom beading and doing more with the text.  For now I like where it's headed.  

For those of you on my facebook, you'll see I've also been posting a good amount of these wrap bracelets that I've been making, which were inspired by Chan Luu (I loved the bracelets, but loved too many to pay $150+ for each, so got creative).  All of these DIY projects and creative hobbies have also taken away from my blogging and etc, so this week I'm going back to photos, editing and re-vamping the portfolio.

Noms photos coming on later today >_<

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