Postcards from Las Vegas, Flashback


Tonight was one of those productive evenings where work outs, working, and personal creative work were all tended to, at the cost of only a bit of lack of sleep. I've been taking the past week off from blogging to catch up on photos, and just playing with hot glue guns, beads, leather, color and etc.

My new hobby obsessions are never ending, but whether it's knitting, chopping, cooking, sewing or music, as long as it's a creative outlet, the specific interest at hand isn't always important.

I'm finally gathering some of my favorite photos and work to update my own portfolio so over the next few weeks, I'll be updating the blog w/ past travel photos and details.  For tonight, I'm taking a look back at a work trip to Vegas, I had back in May for a promotion surrounding my work's game, at the Bellagio.

While we travel to Vegas a lot, there are places I always visit and always new discoveries.

Always my favorites, Hamachi Tartare and bone marrow from Botero

Outside our practically second home, The Encore.

There's something about the Venetian that has always tugged at my heart.  I always get inspired and temporarily awe stricken in a dream like state, every time I walk by there at night. 

Carpaccio from Olives at the Bellagio ( I love this restaurant ). You can't tell but there's Arugula under that mound of meat.  The flat bread was also incredible, click album below to view.  I suggest sharing their dishes. 

Wishing you all an awesome weekend, slowly but surely, more photos to come <3 Chow

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