10 Things

Call me the immature sentimental one, but when Facebook first launched, one of my favorite things were these endless posts titled "25 things", which would give mundane and sometimes interesting facts about the poster.  For the same reason, I also adored creating, reading and contributing to Slam Books in JR. High.

With that said, I realized that my About Me does an incredible job at telling people that I basically eat lots and refuse to dedicate this blog to one thing, so I decided to do a  post of 10 random thoughts that came to mind about myself.

1) Those that follow my twitter or facebook know this already, but I'm surprised that there isn't a flood of mentions towards Bubble Tea on my blog.  I have this bizarre sick obsession with Bubble Tea, to the point that it's my go to doodle (you know the thing you draw or sketch repeatedly, when in thought or bored).

2) My enthusiasm and adoration of food came from my mom. She's the traveler that loves to noms and I was trained young to experience and try as many things in life, as possible.

3) I get this horrid anxiety every time I drive to Crossfit and I always have to take a nervous tinkle before starting a workout.  Post workout always feels great.

4) Despite functioning well in social settings and loving meeting people, I'm actually kind of anti-social.  I spend a good amount of time alone at home, refuse to get a roommate, and have this adverse reaction to answering my phone at times (even if I love the person calling).  working on this

5) I get these obsessive waves of inspiration which leads me to tackling an endless amount of hobbys, DIY projects, art projects and etc (guitar, knitting, now bracelet beading, painting, etc) Good thing I rotate.

6) I never refer to the boyfriend by name, always by "The Mr." as if he's some superhero that requires a bit of anonymity.

7) I'm incredibly internally dramatic when I begin an art project, professional or personal.  I make horrendous sketches, and muddle through self rants before something good finally starts to appear.

8) My mom gave me a baby chicken, when I was a kid, as a pet, that I somehow managed to kill.  We buried it under an apple tree and she told me that the apples would one day become sweeter.  I still want to go back to that tree just to try and see.

9) There was a year of my life, where I dressed liked Britney Spears and I had fought to see who could get the most horrid outfit out of the dirty hamper.  It was my 2nd year in college.

10) I like to bake, but I don't like to eat everything I bake.  Even when cooking for others, I cook to my own tastes, so at least 1 person will like the dish >_< good thing my friends still like my cooking most of the times.

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