Crossfit WOD: Death


I've developed this bad habit of semi choosing which crossfit workouts I'll partake in.  Though sometimes, the more brutal it is, the more I want to challenge myself and not chicken out based on how hard it is.  I will admit though, on those lazy days, there have been times I chose to fight another day.  

Today was one of those days where I looked at the workout and decided "hey not so bad", and soon learned that all workouts should just say Workout of the Day: Death!

By the time the warm up (500m row, pull ups, squats, sit-ups, ring dips etc. ) and the skill (4 x 250m sprints) were done, I was breathing like a chain smoker and could have used a nap >_<

The workout of the day was 

5 rounds of
Holding your breath for 30sec

15 pushups
15 box jumps
15 sit ups

15 double unders (jump rope where the rope passes twice.. I epic fail at these)

The whole holding your breath thing for 30sec (or intervals of whatever you can) IS KILLER after the first round.  Your heart is beating out of your chest and all you want to do is gasp for air.  I like the purpose behind it though, which is training your body to be efficient with less oxygen and it actually does help to slow your heart rate down a bit.  

Not gonna lie by round 3 it started messing with my head a bit and I had to chant "just finish, just finish, just finish."  

After we were done dying, somehow we roped ourselves into learning proper burpee to pull ups and etc.  Pain and all, crossfit is good times and I totally appreciate what people do there, how they challenge their bodies and the uber support in kicking ass. 

Drinking the Kool-Aid
<3 Chow

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